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Palin Hate Explained

Posted by Brian Epps on January 15, 2011

In a brief comment:


She has a clear conservative vision, she’s passionate, a good communicator, and for a lot on the left, if you don’t share their liberal vision, that feels like hate to them. They also assume you hate them because you want to tear down their vision, which to them means you want to tear THEM down. Which you don’t. To sum up, they hate her because she disagrees with them.

Another angle. She’s an attractive, conservative, Christian woman who’s successful. Her family is truly the most important thing in her life. She seemed to go into public service not at all for his own aggrandizement, but to create a climate where people can work hard, follow their own dreams, and be left alone. Every bit of this is like nails on a chalkboard to them. Sarah’s ways make no sense to them. They don’t understand how she makes it work, or what sustains her as a person. To them it’s like she’s flying without the assistance of wires. It baffles them. They figure, she must have some selfish motive in all this, but she’s keeping it to herself, and her public personnae is a big fake job. They are convinced there’s a selfish, hateful person inside Sarah. They want to tear her down and reveal that person inside to the rest of the world.

Paul-Cincy on January 15, 2011 at 2:02 PM




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The Gleeful Left

Posted by Brian Epps on January 11, 2011

The left is happy this week.

On Saturday, a lone man with a history of mental health issues opened fire in a Tuscon Safeway parking lot.  His target was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  Giffords survived, but 6 others, including Federal Judge John Roll and n year old Christina Greene.

The only word that can describe the reaction by Kos and the media left is… gleeful.
These sick bastards are happy as hell that a nine year old girl and a federal judge were killed because they think it gives them something they can use to tarnish their political opponents and elevate themselves.  Now they are gleefully dancing on the corpses and trying to call a lynch mob on Palin and the Tea Partiers (calling them the Tea Party implies an organization not in evidence) while piosly declaring their own holiness.

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Question for the MSM: Why Shoud We Trust You?

Posted by Brian Epps on October 31, 2010

We have seen repeated cases of “news” being contrived and created by the media.

We have seen NBC plant igniters in a truck to make it burn in order to report that the truck is “unsafe”.

We have seen ABC send people into Food Lion and misbehave in order to report that misbehavior.

We have seen reporters playing “Gotcha!” games with Republicans while letting unforced errors by Democrats slide.
We have seen complete fabrications like “Valley of Death“.
We have seen obvious forgeries be used as the central evidence in reports in order to influence an election.
We have seen, or rather not seen, the covering up and refusal to report on lefty violence against those who disagree.
We have seen reporters making claims from “anonymous sources” that no one can confirm and all involved deny.

Now we have seen reporters actively conspiring – and I use the word advisedly – to contrive negative coverage of one candidate in a Senate race.

And this is just a sampling the stuff that has been CAUGHT!  How many more lies and contrived reports are there out there?

Why should we trust a single word the media says?


UPDATE:  The active conspiring has been confirmed.

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